Travel Starts Soon
Welcome Barb Haynes, Travel Coordinator
Hello Everyone,
This is Barb and we're going to be traveling together in the very near future! Fingers crossed, we can resume our travel program starting in September (or before).
Travel planned includes eating at restaurants, Mates Day Out tours, attending special events like concerts and shows and some historical monthly tours with Richard Sola.
Sadly, this summer there’s no way that we dare go out in our sad, old, worn-out bus. It’s totally past it’s expiration date and is a “break-down” waiting to happen.
We hope that our wonderful new bus will arrive by September. It’s coming from Seattle and being built by Northwest Bus. It’s a little complicated because a grant is involved. But it is a done deal! When it arrives (hopefully sooner than later) we can start having some fun together again. We’ve all really missed the fun outings.
Details on our travel plans and schedules in the September newsletter. Keep watching!
I’m really looking forward to seeing you soon!

Join us for Southside Travel Day Trips. 
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