Fun and Games For All
BINGO / Sunday 1 -3 pm
Bridge Welcome Bridge - Mon & Wed /1-3:30 pm
Party Bridge - Thursday / 12:15-4 pm
Canasta - Tuesday / 10 am-12 pm
Teal Ladies - First Thurs 10 am-noon
Pinochle - Friday / 1-3 pm
Knifty Knitters - Tuesday / 1-3 pm
Quilters - 2nd & 4th Wed / 1-3 pm
Tai Chi with Altari - Wed / 10-11:30 am
Qigong - Dr. Brian Flake - Mon / 2:30-3:30 pm (CHANGES DEC. 6TH)
Mexican Train - Wed / 11 am-1 pm
Texas Hold’em Poker - Mon & Fri / 1-4 pm
Wii Bowling - Mon & Wed / 12:30-3 pm
Red Hat Ladies - 3rd Monday / 1-3 pm
Questions about times, costs, etc.?
Check your email for updates or call.

 Zumba Fitness Party
Try it Out With a Free Class!
Monday and Thursday / 6:30 p.m.
After the first free class each class will be $7 or you can get a discounted rate of five classes for $30 and 10 classes for $50.
There's no other fitness class like a Zumba Fitness-Party! Featuring music from today’s top hits and awesome beats, Zumba is a cardio exercise in disguise. It's easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating. No dance experience required and there are modifications for every move. Don't forget your water bottle and a smile. You'll burn lots of calories and have a great time doing it!
Sarah Quine has been Zumba'ing for 10 years. Started as a student and after falling in love with this style of workout she decided to become a Zumba instructor. She brings the energy to the class to provide a fun and heart-pumping workout!

Ballroom Dance Classes with Melissa
Tuesdays / 6 p.m. / Ballroom ~ 7 p.m.: Advanced Ballroom
Cost: $35 single; $65 couple; for 4-week classes.
Call Melissa 509-993-1204 or go to

Wii Bowling
Wednesday and Friday, 12:30-3 p.m.
Members free / non-members $2 per hour